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"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make people think." 


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   Laurie A. Gray, JD

       (Photo by Heather Case)

Contact Laurie to schedule workshops and training classes on Parenting, Personal Transformation, Criminal Justice, Child Abuse, and Writing.

Call 260-750-6715 or email Laurie(at) (Replace (at) with @) 

Professional and Personal Mission Statements:

Socratic Parenting LLC empowers all people to feel, think and act with their own spiritual awareness, clarity and confidence.

I live and love with intentional gratitude and kindness. 

 Signature Sayings (Yes, you can quote me!):

"There's nothing more useless than a mind filled with someone else's thoughts."  --LAG 

"I surround myself with love by loving everything around me."  --LAG 

"The best teachers become the best teachers by being their own best students." --LAG  

 "Answer all the questions. Question all the answers."  --LAG

Please send feedback and questions to:Laurie(at) (Replace (at) with @)

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