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The ABC’s of Sexual Assault provides a solid foundation of knowledge for every member of a Sexual Assault Response Team (law enforcement officers, child protection case managers, prosecutors, victim advocates, medical and mental health professionals, and forensic interviewers).  This book is designed to be a reliable resource for anyone sorting through the unique forensic and legal aspects of a sexual assault case including judges, defense attorneys, defendants, and the media as well as any sexual assault victim, family member or friend.   

Michelle Ditton is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and the Chief Nursing Officer of the Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center. Laurie Gray is an attorney, child forensic interviewer, and adjunct professor of criminal sciences at Indiana Tech. Together they walk lay persons and professionals alike through the labyrinth of sexual assault in the criminal justice system.



FROM THE FOREWORD by Dr. Joyce Adams


The ABC’s of Sexual Assault is a great resource for everyone who is involved in the assessment, treatment, and support of victims of sexual assault. Medical and non-medical professionals who care for and interact with the legal system for child, adolescent and adult survivors will greatly benefit from the knowledge they attain after reading this excellent book. 


 One of the things that my colleagues and I do most often when teaching others about the sexual abuse examination is to dispel the many myths about the child’s body and how it reacts to sexual molestation and rape. This book will be a great tool for all the members of the multidisciplinary team that work with victims of assault and their families to explain and challenge those myths.



Joyce A. Adams, MD

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

University of California, Davis Medical Center

Specialist and Consultant in Child Abuse Pediatrics




What people are saying:


“I was impressed with the detail and practical information presented by the two authors who are obviously experts in their respective fields... I would highly recommend this book for anyone involved in the investigation of sexual assaults.”

~Vernon J. Geberth, Retired Lieutenant Commander NYPD and author of Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation


“The ABC's of Sexual Assault by Michelle Ditton, RN, and Laurie A. Gray, JD, is a basic primer for the health care providers who deal with children where concern is sexual abuse. The book covers everything from basic anatomy and definitions of sexual assault to the detailed response, reporting, and courtroom proceedings that occur later.               


 “As a physician reading the book, I felt that health, criminal justice, and legal professionals could all learn a great deal from the book ... a wealth of well-chosen topics in a very clear, well-organized, understandable, and "professional" manner! ... The authors presented BOTH the medical and legal aspects of providing the best possible standards of care and due process to the assault victim in an easy-to-read well-integrated format!”

  ~ Peter M Rothman MD


 "This is a must have for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Judges. Very informative and a great resource! I would recommend this for anyone investigating child abuse cases or sex crimes."

James E. Newbold, Assistant Chief/Detective, Berne Police Department


 “As a layperson, this book opened my eyes to a topic I knew virtually nothing about, but did so in a way that invited every possibility to be explored. The use of real-life situations and stories — from both the perspective of the victim and the many professionals involved in a case —compel a reader to see not just the relevance of what is presented, but the necessity of knowing it. I would absolutely recommend Michelle Ditton, RN, and Laurie A. Gray, JD's The ABC's of Sexual Assault as a foundational guide, not just to professionals who deal with the subject matter, but to parents, school teachers, and anyone else who may need to have an understanding of everything associated with sexual assault.”

 ~ Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite Reviews


“This easy-to-read guide gives medical and non-medical professionals who aren't familiar with the law a desk-top starting place to learn the lingo and assist them in understanding the process. ... I recommend this book to school nurses, CASA volunteers, and any person who's involved in sexual assault cases.”

  ~ Michelle M. Weidenbenner, author of Cache a Predator

“This book is the first book I have read cover to cover in such a short time. It is a MUST for law enforcement, attorneys, and all health professionals and students in the medial field. ... Highly recommend!"
~Sharon Johnson RN, MSN, FNP-BC

"Kudos to authors Michelle Ditton RN and Laurie Gray JD for compiling such an excellent resource tool for investigators, law enforcement, medical professionals, prosecutors and anyone interested in learning more about these investigations.”

~Ginger Kadlec,


 Table of Contents






1. The Sexual Assault Examination

2. Female Anatomy

3. Male Anatomy


4. Common Myths

5. Defining Rape

6. Consent vs. Force


7. Criminal Justice 101

8. Collecting Evidence

9. Testifying in Court




Author Bios

If You've Been Sexually Assaulted...



Experience and Expertise

            Michelle Ditton has been an RN for 35 years with experience in the ER, NICU, telemetry, cardiac rehabilitation and pediatrics.  Michelle is a founder and the Chief Nursing Officer/CEO of the Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center, a 501(c)(3) company that opened in 1996. The FWSATC was the first sexual assault center in Indiana and the first in the Midwest.  Originally providing care to adults 14 and older, in 2000 the Center began caring for children. The FWSATC is the recognized, credentialed medical provider for 16 counties in northeast Indiana. Its team of seven dedicated and competent forensic nurses serves approximately a million people and works with 56 law enforcement agencies.

            Laurie Gray graduated from Indiana Maurer School of Law in 1993, and her private practice included both civil and criminal trial work, plaintiffs’ personal injury and insurance defense, workers compensation, medical malpractice, labor and employment, immigration, criminal defense, and Court-Appointed Guardian Ad Litem or Attorney for Parent in dozens of CHINS (Child in Need of Services) cases. From 2000-2010, Laurie worked as an Allen County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney primarily in the areas of Felony Sex Crimes, the Drug Court Intervention Program, and Juvenile Sex Offenses. Laurie currently writes, speaks and consults through Socratic Parenting LLC and also works as an adjunct professor of criminal sciences at Indiana Tech and a bilingual child forensic interviewer at the Dr. Bill Lewis Center for Children.

            We have been professional colleagues and friends since 2000 and have served together on the faculty at the National Symposium on Child Abuse in Huntsville, Alabama (2009 – 2014). For 15 years, we have worked together in the trenches, trained together, and sought better answers together. We are honored to share this information with you, and we encourage you to ask questions and find answers that work best for you.




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