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Socratic Parenting focuses on developing a personal parenting philosophy and sharing that philosophy with your child through dialogues, asking open-ended questions, and modeling the behavior you want to see in your child. It applies the Socratic Method to parenting, helping parents find personal answers to universal questions.

Socratic Parenting draws from ancient wisdom to create a new paradigm for modern parents. Traditional punishment and reward techniques may classically condition desired behaviors, but parents who develop their own self-discipline and critical thinking skills will naturally encourage their children to become self-disciplined, independent thinkers.

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What People are Saying about Socratic Parenting:

"Laurie Gray approaches parenting with curiosity, humility, wisdom, and kindness."

--Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, co-author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids


 "Parenting is a paradox. It is a natural unfolding process and, at the same time, a frightening task filled with fears and unknowns. Laurie Gray, in A Simple Guide to Socratic Parenting, has wonderfully addressed both sides of this paradox. She presents the art of parenting as a process as simple and natural as the way mother birds allow their fledgelings to "try their wings," while skillfully affirming that the complexities of human life make it important that we learn from the best of our wisdom traditions. With great skill she presents the venerable wisdom of Socrates and Plato in a gentle and practical book for modern parents. Her ability to present the flow of trusting our own instincts while learning important principles and skills makes her book an invaluable and important contribution to the art of parenting in a confusing ever-changing world. She is able to take a sophisticated philosophical tradition and present it in a way that helps parents realize that wisdom is indeed a natural quality we all possess."

~William Martin, Author of The Parent's Tao Te Ching 


In Socratic Parenting, Laurie Gray describes a philosophical approach to parenting that is both easy to read and thought-provoking.  This book promotes proactive parenting by encouraging parents to look within themselves for solutions to parenting issues.  A useful book for parents from all walks of life who are looking to strengthen relationships with their children.

~Louise Magoon, R.N., M.S.N., Parenting educator

Listen to Laurie's interview on The Learning Curve to learn more about Socratic Parenting.

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