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Socratic Solutions

Public Speaking

Need a Keynote speaker for your group or event?  Don't settle for a "canned speech" when you can have something fresh created specifically for your gathering.  Using the philosophy of Plato as a springboard, Laurie Gray will design a Socratic Solutions/Playing with Plato presentation suitable for any occasion.  No fancy philosophies or esoteric ideologies--just a well-balanced serving of hometown food for thought.

Private Consulting

Have a problem that you need to solve?  Whatever it is, there is one person--and only one person--who can solve your problem:  You!  The solution to all your problems is within you.   

Utilizing the classic Socratic Method, Laurie Gray can help you to connect with your answers.  In addition to using a series of questions in logical sequence, Laurie will provide positive feedback, encouragement, and help you brainstorm solutions until you find the course of action that feels right to you. 

For more information, e-mail your name and contact information


Socratic Parenting is pleased to present a powerful new tool of change.  Give the gift of change to yourself and everyone you love.


Unleash the power of intentional thought in your life with the Token of Change--an affirmation poem printed on a magnet and a bright gold coin.  Place the affirmation magnet on your refrigerator and carry the coin with you as constant reminders of the transforming power of gratitude combined with conscious feelings, thoughts and actions.  You are what you choose to be.  So commit yourself to making conscious choices.

Give yourself the gift of change through a Token of ChangeTM workshop.  Laurie will work with you to develop the perfect program for your group.  For more information or to order your own  Token of ChangeTM  e-mail Laurie at


Empowering Women through the Socratic Method

Created and facilitated by women for women, Sophie’s Café is a support group intentionally designed to empower women to break self-defeating patterns and establish healthy boundaries.  Participants from all walks of life connect in a safe and affirming circle to explore and honor each woman’s unique, inner wisdom.  As we learn to accept and love ourselves, we build a respectful and loving community around us.