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Cover by Kenneth Harkenrider

See video clips of Laurie talking about the book on YouTube.

Matthew knows that this summer is going to be the worst ever. His best friend Kyle is gone, his younger brother Mark has surpassed him in size and athletic ability, and his mother is pregnant for the fifth time.

The eldest home-schooled son of a preacher, Matthew plans to bury himself in books about the speed of light and Einstein's Theory of Relativity to see if he can prove his own theory about the dilation of time.

Instead, he befriends Dinah, a homeless teenager seeking refuge at the library.

Although from very different backgrounds, Matthew and Dinah come to realize that they have a great deal in common--their love for music and for cans of olives and potato chips found in a supermarket dumpster that are just past the sell-by date... and maybe even for each other.

Matthew struggles with his feelings for his own family as he helps Dinah avoid Child Welfare. And in the process, Dinah helps him discover that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a very big difference.

 Praise for Summer Sanctuary:

"What a big-hearted story, told with affection and humor. I loved spending time with Matthew and his family and with Dinah, the girl who looks in from outside. Like Dinah, young readers will find a place of welcome and comfort, a true sanctuary, in the pages of this book. Like Matthew, they'll discover something important about friendship and independence."

 --Helen Frost, Printz Honor Award-winning author of Keesha's House

"Skillful writing allows readers to experience Mattthew's struggle with Life questions, his own beliefs, his emoational growth, and his actions to help Dinah...this story will continue to be with the reader the reader long after."

--Susan Shaver, Library Media Connection (Nov/Dec 2010), Starred Review     

"This is a wonderful book. Any writer wanting to create a work of fiction that is appealing and spiritually fulfilling for teens or young adults would do well to read this before embarking on their journey... Ms. Gray created a story for and about teens that is rich in spirituality and has absolutely no need for sex or profanity. This is the type of book a librarian loves to pull off the shelf and hand to a teen reader looking for something that is a fun read with a healthy message. I look forward to more work by this author."

--John R. Clark, TCM Reviews


"This quiet, sweet book about friendship is a rare jewel."

--Lyn Seippel,

"SUMMER SANCTUARY is a beautifully written tale that should appeal to all ages. Laurie Gray captures the heart of what it is to be young and her characters reflect that joy."

--Debbie Wiley, Book Illuminations
(This book deserves special mention because its impact is so great that it moves readers long after the book has been put aside. This special mention is RARE.)


"An innocent and sharply realistic look at the world of teens dealing with life."

--Morgan Chilson,



"Summer Sanctuary exudes a strong voice for the two central characters . . . they learn what it means to measure a person's worth not based on circumstances, but on the will to survive. Gray has captured the essence of what it means to be a young teen--wanting to grow as an individual while needing the security of a home and loving family. Summer Sanctuary can help guide teens through the difficult transition between childhood and becoming adults."

--Kayleen Reusser, author of Taylor Swift--a Blue Banner Biography

"This is the perfect story for a child who is advancing into longer stories, but that still need easier language....the theme and language are both suitable for those around 9 to 12 years old."

--Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews

Summer Sanctuary is now available on-line.  Just click on your favorite link below:

Barnes & Noble


More Reviews... 

"The poems in the story are so meaningful, and they serve as a way to bring to light the deeper themes within the plot....With every poem, I found myself stopping and thinking . . . just what good poetry should do. In the end, Summer Sanctuary is an excellent book...."

--Margo Nauert (6th grade teacher),

2010 Moonbeam GOLD MEDAL Winner

                                             Laurie Gray - A Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book


Read the first chapter of Summer Sanctuary online at

Click on photo of Allen County Library for video
Laurie speaks at Allen County Author Fair 2011


Published by Luminis Books 


Cover photograph by Kenneth Harkenrider.

Publishing information available at Midpoint Trade Books


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"The book is an easy read and is well written to trigger questions in the preteen. The author has dealt with issues of science, religion and interpersonal judgments in a kind and respectful manner which should delight parents wishing for their children to explore their own inner feelings."

--Readers Favorite

"I recommend this to young adults who are seeking something in life and to anyone who has ever helped out a stranger with the luck to have found a friend."

--Alyssa (librarian),

"Matthew is really grappling with the way he interprets life and the universe and is unsure about what he believes, and I think that will resonate with any young adult, or frankly, any human being, regardless of background."

--Kate Hitchcock,

"Matthew and Dinah's story is a beautiful and touching one. The story is a well-written one and describes some of the feelings that teenagers have about their family, and about what it means to be a friend."

   --Monique Burkes,