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Token of Change TM


I am grateful.  I am kind.
I create what's on my mind.
Perfect health....Prosperity....
My world reflects the change in me. 
©2007 Socratic Parenting LLC.  All rights reserved. 


Unleash the power of intentional thought in your life. Place your Affirmation poem on your refrigerator and carry the Coin with you as constant reminders of your decision to transform your feelings, thoughts and actions.  Your life really does reflect the choices you make. 


 Symbolism of Coin

"Gold" - Prosperity... Golden Rule

Coin "Change" - Transformations

Circle of Thirds - Creative Process

Heart - Choice of Attitude

Butterfly - Metamorphosis

"3" - Body, Mind, Spirit

"E" - Energy of Life

"1" - Unity


Token of Change™ is a 1 5/16th inch gold colored, bright bronze coin and an Affirmation poem printed on a magnet.  Together they empower you to become who you really want to be.  The Coin and Affirmations are designed to remind you to let go of what you don't want and think only about what you do want.  Affirmations flip the light switch in your mind, and gratitude generates feelings of joy and peace in your life.  Change begins with awareness; then physical matter changes as life energy increases. 

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